Artan Balance Ballet Barre Half Sole (Pair)
Artan Balance Ballet Barre Half Sole (Pair)
Artan Balance Ballet Barre Half Sole (Pair)
Artan Balance Ballet Barre Half Sole (Pair)

Artan Balance Ballet Barre Half Sole (Pair)

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Improve Foot Stability and Body Control with Balance Ballet Half Sole Shoes from Artan Balance

Every dancer knows that stability and control are paramount to your success, even at a young age. And if you’re struggling to land those spins or maintain balance because of sore feet or an inability to control tough movements it can cost you precious points. We developed Artan Balance Half Sole Shoes as a simple, yet effective way to improve your control and cushion the balls of your feet, so you’re always read to spin, turn, twirl, and land with improved confidence. And because unlike dancing shoes, socks, or standard half soles our half-soles feature a big toe separation to keep your feet from slipping out and to help prevent skin irritations, bunions, or other discomfort when running, dancing, standing, or during high-impact movements.

  • Supportive Half Soles Dance Shoes – This high-performance dancewear for ballet, barre, dance and other beginner and professional training lets you turn and glide effortlessly which makes them great for modern, lyrical, or contemporary dancing.
  • Provides a Snug, Secure Fit – Crafted with nylon and SBR our half soles help cushion the ball of your foot with standing, spinning, doing pirouettes, and hitting your marks perfectly without slipping or bunching up during your intense movements.
  • Slip-Resistant Foot Stability – Especially important when turning, balancing, and spinning our dance half sole shoes provide enhanced stability so you can gain more control over your movements and prevent potential slips, skids, or falls.
  • Comfortable, Supportive Nylon – Easy to pull on or take off our half soles dance shoes for girls and women are lightweight, breathable, and provide reinforced coverage on the bottom to let you spin, dance, and more with comfort.
  • Ideal for Practice and Competitions – Our half sole dance shoes for children and adults can be used for training, shows, recitals, and even special performances or competitions, so you can maintain better consistency no matter the venue.

Product Details:

 Ballet Half Sole Dance Shoes (Pair)
 Comfortable, Supportive Pull-On
 Non-Slip Step Surface
 Improves Spinning and Turning
 Lightweight and Breathable
 Universal Color: Black
 Available in Medium and Large
 Sizes for Kids, Teens, and Adults